domingo, fevereiro 21, 2010

É mto?? Pedir isto? :)

... a ouvir isto? :)

«You can spend your time alone
Redigesting past regrets, oh
Or you can come to terms and realize
You're the only one who can't forgive yourself
Makes much more sense
To live, in the present tense
Have you ideas on how this life ends?
Check your hands and study the lines
Have you ever believed that the road ahead
Ascends off into the light?
Seems that needlessly it's getting harder
To find an approach and a way to live
Are we getting something out of this
All encompassing trip?»

+++++++++++ KISS ++++++++++++

1 comentário:

Special K disse...

ai fofa n peças neve agoraaaaaa....
se tivesse que vir k ja tivesse vindo! AGORA SO SOLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!